Wednesday, 15 July 2015

P5 Explain the reasons for the choice of formal selected for a business start up

6.0 Explain the reasons for the choice of format selected for a business start-up
Date to be completed Wednesday 15th July 2015

When setting up a business, you need to consider the format of the business (also referred to as ownership). As part of your presentation, your investors have ask you to do the following:

Provide a definition, features, advantages and disadvantages for all of the following formats:

o sole trader click here
o partnership click here
o limited company click here
o public limited company (plc) click here
o social enterprise click here

Following the definitions of all of the above, you will need to outline the ownership (format) that you will be selecting for your start-up business and say why

When justifying your choice, you need to think about the size, scale and nature of the start-up business

The mark sheet for this P5 task can be found here

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