Wednesday 15 July 2015

P3 Unit 1 Describe, using relevant examples, the features if successful businesses

Task 4.0 Describe, using relevant examples, the features if successful businesses
Date to be completed
To support your presentation to the investors, you need to produce a brochure for your business that will show that you:

·         Understand what makes a successful business
·         Have a realistic plan for a business that is likely to be successful.

Start your brochure by setting the scene for your business idea. To do this you need to carry out research into what makes a business successful.  Research at least four businesses in the local area.

For each of the four businesses, describe the business and the features that make them successful. 

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This can be a whole range of businesses such as super markets, sports shops, clothes phone shops. You could also consider how your school is successful at educating students.

 Arnold Du Toit                  Rolly Golf              Innovation or Invention  click here to see why
Tanya Budd                        Hippo Hoist          Innovation or invention  click here & here to see
Ross Kemp                         ASAP                      Innovation or invention  click here & here
Saun Pulfrey                     Tangle Teaser         Invention or Innovation  click here to see why
Duncan Goose                 One Water               Social Enterprise              click here to see why
Terry the Taxi                  Taxi driver             Customer service              click here to see why

This provides evidence for

Deadline Wednesday 15th July 2015

4.02 Compare the features, strengths and weaknesses of two successful businesses
Date to be completed

Select two of the businesses you have researched and compare their features, strengths and weaknesses. To do this you will need to identify the similarities as well as the differences. You can present this in table format, using the following headings:
·         Features
·         How the features compare
·         Strengths
·         How the strengths compare
·         Weaknesses
·         How the weaknesses compare

This provides evidence for

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