Friday 5 December 2014

P 6 Produce guidelines for dealing with problems on the night

Hi year 13

nearly their for P6, learners should illustrate their answer with examples of different problems.

On the night you will be exposed in many directions lets look at a few:

Problems could come from the following directions:

Stall holders internal and external
Staff of OSA
Parents of students at OSA
OSA students
Guests & visitors to the event
Local community support groups
Site Services team

Typical examples include faulty equipment, non-delivery of resources, typographical mistakes on invitations. Learners can identify problems they have experienced and explain how they resolved them, or they can be given examples of typical problems and explain how they would deal with them.

Once you have identified at least half a dozen problems from each stakeholder above suggest how and who you will deal with that problem on the night and then create a flow diagram to show how you will deal with these problems and any others that you might not have thought about on the night

Good luck and enjoy Mr T

Deadline Wednesday 17th December 2014 

P7 Carry out follow up activities after the event

P8 Review the success of the business event
M3 Evaluate how a business event can inform future planning
D1 Evaluate the management of a business event making recommendations for future improvements
D2 Evaluate feedback from delegates participating in a business event

Powerpoint Help Pack for P6 - D2 

Deadline Wednesday 17th December 2014 

Unit 18 Specification and unit guide

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