Tuesday 2 December 2014

The World's Premiere Personal Development Programme for young people is just a step away

Hello you lovely people, for those that don't like missing out read this Power Point attached here

We are delighted to welcome the second cohort of learners onto the DofE programme which was launched last year.  The enrolment for this years entries will take place in January and they will start the programme in early February

Attached is the Duke of Edinburgh participant enrolment form and planning sheet.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an achievement focused  ‘progressive personal development programme’ like no other.

It will provide you with many opportunities to develop your PLTS, your character whilst create stretch and challenge in many aspects of your life. It will also allow you to meet new people and develop your team work skills and prepare you well for the future and the life you don’t yet know.  

It was founded by the Duke of Edinburgh, yes a real person and the husband to our Queen,  in 1956 and is recognised throughout the word.  Currently 275,000 young people are doing the DofE programme in the UK.  Could you be another?. You might think that’s this is a lot,  or not that many but you will soon see why it will give you a competitive edge in the current economy when applying for sixth form, University or employment.  Approximately 65,000 achieve a Bronze, Silver or Gold award each year.  Could you be one of them by July 2015?   

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a non competitive programme of activities available for anyone between the age of 14-24.  You design the programme to suit your skills and abilities.  It is made up of four main sections, Skill, Physical, Volunteering and an Expedition.  The higher the level the harder the challenge!  The Gold Award has an additional section known as Residential.

So you may know someone who would like to start it at the end of year 9 or you might be considering starting it in year 10.  You could even start it in the sixth form and continue with it as you leave to go to University in other centres around the UK.  I would suggest that unless you are truly on top of your game you don’t consider taking it on in year 11, your most important year,  unless you can prove that you are on task to hit all your target grades and have completed all your coursework and controlled assessment.

Should you be determined enough to achieve the Gold Award, this is equivalent to another A-level in the eyes of UCAS University applications and you will be invited to Buckingham Palace to collect it from the main man himself.

I have attached the Duke of Edinburgh participant enrolment form and planning sheet. for you to complete accordingly

The launch evening will be at 3.10pm on Wednesday 3rd December in the Enterprise Suite where we will have an opportunity to meet for the first time and plan your adventure.  The current cost of registration will be £25 for the Bronze Award.

This is a great opportunity for everyone in OSA and another reason why you should seriously consider Oxford Spires Academy as your preferred choice of sixth form so that you can continue the journey to Gold. Regardless of the fact that everyone knows and cares about you, can be trusted to support you and are committed to you ‘being the best you can be’  

To find out more visit www.dofe.org We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday 2nd December to find out more about this opportunity, take the application form and start to plan your adventure! 

All best wishes and well done

Mr T & Mr Khan
Duke of Edinburgh Co-Coordinator
Oxford Spires Academy

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