Monday 17 November 2014

The OSA Young Enterprise Team 2014-2015 Meet the Inventor of Rolly Golf

On Friday 14th November 2014 Interstella, met Arnold from Rolly Golf.

Every year Oxford Spires Academy run the Young Enterprise Company Programme.  Last year's team Inspire made it through to the County finals with their solar powered smartphone charger.

Arnold was so impressed with this years product that he bought shares in their company.  He also gave them valuable advice on how to make a prototype, protect the intellectual property copyright and who would be best supplier to manufacture their innovation and how they should promote it and get it to market. These are some of the advantages of using a business dragon to invest in your start up business!

With over £500 in share capital and a prototype of their wearable technology in production they are well positioned to get this product to market but will they do it in time for Christmas 2014?

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