Sunday 9 November 2014

Cover for lessons on Monday 10th November 2014

Dear All

this is the cover that has been planned for the following lessons today - Monday 10th November 2014

Period 1      Year 12 L2 Business

Year 12 have started their new unit and will have selected a business plan template from the blog page and will be completing their SWOT analysis on their Sixth Form Business Start Up Enterprise.  If they click here they will be taken to the link.  The new unit is on the portal and they can clearly identify what P1 is asking them to complete for Wednesday

Period 3       Year 11GCSE Computing

Year 11 will be continuing with their controlled assessment at today they will be having a mini teach lesson on understanding and demonstrating the 'success criteria' of this controlled assessment task and its importance to their marks.  If you use this lesson well it will enhance your marks by three additional marks for each section which is a bonus of 13% extra marks which is a no brainer! The lesson plan can be found here.
Period 4      Year 12 L3 Business

Year 12 L3 have a deadline for Wednesday this week which is P5 part A.  The portal is open and ready for you to submit your work.  If anyone has forgotten where you are since Friday I have posted the link to the blog page here.  Remember you have a choice of five promotional campaigns to apply this task to.  Four are in the assignment brief and the other is the Winter Market 2014. I have also posted the mark sheet to the portal for P5.  Remember to mark it before you submit it!
Good luck and use the time well year 12.

Think that's all

Mr T

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