Monday 10 November 2014

P5 Design a promotional campaign for a given product or service to meet the needs of a given campaign / creative brief

Dear Year 12

for this task you need to design a promotional campaign for one of the events in the Academy calendar that we discussed last week.  If you choose one of these you will need to obtain a campaign brief from the organiser of this event.  See Sandra Poyser in reprographics for more information or alternatively you could choose:
  • Promoting the 'Winter Market' on 10th December at OSA
  • Or one of the campaigns given to you in the assignment brief here.
For your promotional campaign your design should follow the format of other campaigns that you have studied in this unit.  In designing the campaign, you should apply what you have learned about target marketing and promotional mix and be as creative as any advertising agency would.  Don't just stick to the typical above the line and below the line methods of advertising media try to think up some exciting ways to bring attention to this task and use the criteria selection to pin point your decision making. Most will be niche markets so make sure that your campaign really reaches out to both the students, teachers, parents and local community around OSA.

By now you should realise that dull is boring and boring will not do you any favours when your looking to maximise the impact on the AIDA model.

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

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