Wednesday 15 October 2014

P6 M1 D1 - Review your progress towards your short term, mid term and long term SMART objectives

Dear Year 12

Successful people, employees and entrepreneurs are constantly reviewing progress.

It will be your rate of progress that stands you out from the croud!

  • At the start of the course you will have set yourself a TARGET grade.  Have you exceeded it yet?

  • Are you still to meet it?  What did your first report home suggest about where you are currently?

This document here can be used to track the progress you are making against three objectives that you have set yourself this term.

To get P6 you will need to complete this document for this term and next (Term 1 & 2)
To get M1 you will need to complete the document above for terms 3 & 4.
To get D1 you will need to complete this document above for terms 5 & 6. 

Remember you need evidence to back up your assessments and an interview with your tutor would be a great place to start.

Well done forgetting here so quickly

Mr T

Deadline date is Wednesday 22nd October 2014

PS don't forget your front page and conclusion!!!

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