Tuesday 14 October 2014

Winter Market 2014 - Some things to think about since Julian's visit last friday

Dear All

Printed media and advertising needs to be more PUNCHY - AIDA in assemblies

  • 4 children's charities

  • 1000 members of the OSA community

  • 1 annual whole school fundraising event with a target of £2000 towards good causes.
  • What will you do to generate £1 plus at this years Winter Market. Weekly updates across all assemblies.

Have you contacted the main charities to invite them to advertise event and stock flyers.

Have you identified a local celebrity to be here on the night.

Have you identified the local listing sites and listed our event admission free. Oxford and county newspapers,Oxford-shire Guardian plus free papers that get distributed locally.

Have we contacted the local journalists

Can you contact BBC Radio Oxford 

Q is there something for everyone ?
Grandparents Parents Teenagers and children SLT as Christmas characters competition ?

Could we get a mini amusement arcade.

Have you contacted Mr Alumiati
Atrium and Santa's Grotto and pantomime.

Have you invited Cowley Trade Association members, Oxford Project and Young Enterprise Trade Fair. OSA Staff and partners.
Have you offered Barnados a stall SeeSaw Helen and Douglass House and the Mulberry Tree and the Art room. Could we get the DT and admin staff selling mulled wine and mince pies? Have we made contact with the PFA

Have you search written and followed up your main sponsors BMW mini mini Audi weekend rest drive Premiere Inn weekend away, 
Have we decided on an auction of promises site?

How much money do you need to run this event ?flyers
Have you ordered the change / float yet of £1000
Have you arranged for a lockable safe to store the cash in on the night
How will stalls cash up and submit the money that they raise
Who will collect the cash in the night?
When will the cash be collected on the night ?

Customer service
Do we have a questionnaire yet online for the OSA community
Do we have a question are for store holders
Do we have a question for the community guests and visitors.

Auction of  promises - what do we have to auction off?

Premiere Inn
Panini Bar
Oxford Unites tickets
Christmas Tree1 availae from 22nd
Christmas Tree 2
Randolph Hotel
First Floor

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