Wednesday 24 September 2014

P3 Conduct a skills audit of self identifying areas of improvement

Good morning year 12

Today we will looking at skills and in particular the skills that you have developed to date.

Skills can be broken down into HARD SKILLS such as being able to READ or TYPE a letter
and you can count these and measure them accurately.  These are often minimum skills 
required to carry out a job role.

SOFT skills are more elusive and intangible.  These are the personality traits that are part
of your character for example you might have a pleasant sounding voice to which people 
Soft skills are usually qualities that are difficult to measure.
The skills audit below will allow you to assess all your soft and hard skills.  We can then
focus on turning your weaknesses into strengths by using a skills audit.

Previous assignements
In P1 we decided on what skills successful entrepreneurs have developed so we can now do an audit on ourselves to see what skills we need to develop.

P3 Assessment 
Assessing the skills required for a start up business does not have to be difficult so I have created an appraisal check list for you to rank your top 10 personality traints.

Firstly complete the self appraisal using the 1-5 scale provided and then get someone who knows you well to do similar for you.

Secondly you now  need to know their strengths and weaknesses use this skills audit document. This should give you a percentage of efficiency / effectiveness of you as a person.  It will also allow you to identify your training needs as you start the journey of an entrepreneur.

Thirdly once you have done this then you could consider putting a training plan 
together so that you can take action to develop your skills for future employment 

Your 'training plan' could be created on this document.  It is a list of things you would like to 
do to turn your weaknesses in to strengths !  It is these skills that will relate to a potentialjob 
role and allow you to be successful when applying for it as you will often be asked to give 
evidence of how you can demonstrate your skills!

Opportunities to develop your skills 

Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme

Young Enterprise Company programme

Methods of summarising your skills and experiences


Personal Statement 

Homework due in today:
P2 - How successful entrepreneurs reduce risk

Homework for next week Wednesday 1st October 2014
Complete the self appraisal form and the skills audit and submit with a:
  • front page
  • Introduction of what you have done
  • Conclusion on what you learned from doing it
Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

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