Tuesday 23 September 2014

Reading and writing to files simultaneously

Good afternoon year 11 Computing

This lesson will be based on task 3 of the “mock” controlled assessment, which involves opening two files simultaneously and reading from one to write the other.

This is the last lesson for building your prototype before we release the real controlled assessment on Thursday after school.

Capture the code and you more able learners in the class listen out for hints from Mr Williams so that you can produce a more efficient programme and gain extra marks as a result.

Lesson objectives click here

Remember those who did not attend last Thursdays after-school session will need to stay behind after school Wednesday so that you have caught up..

Mr Butler will be in the class to support Melvin and Nawaz

Make a list of all the things that you will talk about in the design section of the 'write up' template

Pupil voice
Waheed has suggested that from next week we use the lesson on Monday and Wednesday to 'write the code for the real controlled assessment and that the Thursday after school session focus on the write up of what we have done that week.  That way we capture all the decisions, thoughts and actions we have made in that weeks development whilst it is fresh in our minds. 

Well done Waheed for sharing such an inspired plan!


Mr T

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