Friday 5 September 2014

A453 Generic findings and feedback from first controlled assessment

Good Morning Yr 11 Computing

with only 145 school days before your final exams I think that you will agree that it is time to deliver the goods and get the job done.  Lets start with the feedback from the first controlled assessment that you submitted last term.

  1. Complete all three tasks with at least two of the three tasks.  Currently two tasks are completed to 67% of where they need to be!
  2. No test strategy in the design section - WHY?
  3. Not enough ANNOTATION of coding. WHY?
  4. No test plan in testing section.  WHY?
  5. Lack of Algorithms in design section
  6. Too much collusion

So far you have had 18/20 lessons to submit this so you have TWO lessons to sort this out before we submit it to the exam board.

Lets make the most of this time as I don't have to remind you that the coursework makes up 60% of the overall course.

Looking forward to seeing you all shine.

Mr T & Mr W

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