Tuesday 15 July 2014

P7 Demonstrate effective communication skills to meet customers needs when dealing with three different customers in customer service situations

Assignment five (to achieve P7, M4, D2)

Your work experience will have allowed you many opportunities to demonstrate effective communication skills to meet the needs of the many different customers that you served when you had to deal with their problems and complaints.  

In order to PASS P7 this assessment you need to:
  1. Write a script that will allow you to create a short training video which can be uploaded to a company website for training purposes of new staff.  
  2. Record the role play so that the clip should be no more than five minutes long and account for three different customer service situations that you can recall from your work experience.  To demonstrate effective communication will require good eye contact, smart dress, a need to speak clearly, being polite, friendly and smiley facial expressions and positive body language and an up meat and positive tone to the voice. An engaged and effective communicator is also a good and interested listener so that too needs to be considered in the role play if your customers are asking questions.   An example of what you need to create can be seen here  
To attempt M4 you will need to demonstrate effective communication skills when responding to customer problems and complaints in three customer service situations.  attempt three different types of evidence showing these skills that have been developed around three different customer service situations.  For those wishing to do this challenge this could be:
  • a mock customer query call back 
  • dealing with face to face complaints or 
  • writing an apology letter to a customer about a complaint
  • providing information about products
  • promoting additional services of the company
  • giving advice to customers before they purchase a product
  • taking and relaying messages 
This video here is a great example of how to recover an angry customer and get them to back down. Richard Branson shares his top tips and advice here

To attempt D2 you need to evaluate the effectiveness of your own customer service skills justifying areas for improvement.  You will do this based on the activities that you have already done for P7 and M4.  This is a reflection of what you have done in this assignment and your work experience, what your strengths and weaknesses are as identified by you and your teacher and what you might do in order to improve in the future.  This task needs to be backed up with evidence and examples and can be written or a verbal evaluation recorded to camera.
This video here may allow you to compare yourself to the areas discussed in the video when evaluating your effectiveness in delivering your customer service skills

Theory required for P7 M4 D2

Developing customer service skills, including: 
● different situations, e.g. face-to-face, telephone, writing, email 
● ways of dealing with customer queries, including being polite, showing empathy 
with the customer, keeping customers informed, not disagreeing, using appropriate 
body language 
● ways of dealing with customer problems and complaints, e.g. by offering alternatives 
or exchanging products, escalating issues to management 
● customer types, e.g. difficult, abusive, people with disabilities, elderly, those needing 
technical information 
● different situations, e.g. providing information about products and/or services, 
promoting additional products and/or services, giving advice, taking and relaying 
● other customer service skills, e.g. keeping records, dealing with problems, handling 
complaints, remedial measures, emergency situations 
● complying with organisational/business policy, e.g. complaints procedure, 
disclaimers, service specification statements 

Assessment criteria

To achieve P7, learners should demonstrate effective communication skills to 
meet customer needs when dealing with three different customer types in different 
Evidence will be through records of how these skills have been applied 
(through role play, part-time work or a work placement).

Centres must ensure that learners record a personal statement from evidence they have gathered to show how they demonstrated the skills (e.g. in a log or diary if they have demonstrated these 
skills during a work placement or part-time job). It is also essential to have a 
detailed written observation record of each learner’s performance, signed and dated 
by either the teacher or a work supervisor. 

Assignment five will need to be completed by Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Remember you have access to me and the school in BI3 Wednesday 23rd to Friday 25th so that the entire class can PASS this unit before September and know that half of this course is completed before you go into Year 11.  You will also have an opportunity to complete any MERIT and DISTINCTION tasks during this week also.

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T


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