Friday 11 July 2014

Summer Intern Programme OBX - OE provided by SAID Business School

Dear Yr 12's


But before you do anything read the blog page and attachments below

As I believe you already know Launchpad OBX-OE Summer Intern programme is returning this Summer. The deadline has been extended to 18th July.

Any Oxfordshire student can apply (although its aimed primarily at pre-university students) through a web-site set up and managed by OE where students view a list of collaborating start-ups and identify their top 3 companies, once identified they will be matched and will meet here in Launchpad at Said Business School to arrange their internship for the Summer.

I hope you agree it’s a great opportunity to truly embed experiential entrepreneurial learning, to engage start-ups and students, to support possible job creation, to embed skills and to drive activity around entrepreneurship for Oxfordshire students throughout the Summer and beyond ..

I have included a brief summary below;

Summer Internship Programme

This is a brilliant opportunity for students to get an internship working with a start-up company or an entrepreneur. It can be difficult for a student to get hands on experience in a start-up so this is a perfect opportunity and is great to put on their CV. For the Entrepreneurs or Start-ups it gives them assistance and support that they otherwise might not have access too.

This programme is being run between Oxford Entrepreneurs and The Oxford Launch Pad (Said Business School). Entrepreneurs and students are expected to sign up for at least two weeks, and more often than not this is extended even longer. This programme is aimed at A-level/college students and above, below are some quotes which were taken from last year which was a huge success on both sides.

“ We were working with an enthusiastic, intelligent intern who is already giving us a fresh perspective on various aspects of the business” Alex Money, Founder at ACE Consensus Limited

“Taking part in the programme and working directly with entrepreneurs has been really exciting – it has given me a real insight into the challenges of a start up business” Ditya Herlambang, Intern  

This year we have an exciting host of start-up and entrepreneurs that can all be found on Oxford Entrepreneurs Fort

For any students of OSA wishing to take up this opportunity the application form can be accessed from the link here

The following documents and permissions will fast track your application once you have chosen a project that you think will suit your interests:
Good luck

Mr T

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