Tuesday 7 January 2014

Unit 3 Computeer Systems

Good morning year 12

This is your last unit that you will be doing with me.  It is a 10 credit unit made up of 7 P tasks, 3 Merit tasks and 2 Distinction tasks and to get onto Level three remember you need to gain a MERIT overall on this course.

Click here for the unit 3 assignment brief.

Click here for the Unit 3 Specification.

For P1 you need to go shopping and identify the components that you will need to build a PC for a friend with a budget of only £700.  To pass P1 you will need to identify ALL the components that will allow this PC to function effectively and state why you picked each component.

For M1 you need to describe the different ways to connect to a computer network.  There are five main ways that will allow you to do this.  Explain the advantage and disadvantage of each.

Now lets get ready to rumble.

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

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