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9.2 Recruitment of staff

10/10 key term test - Selection and recruitment

  1. Recruitment - the process of finding and appointing new employees
  2. Job description - a detailed statement of the nature of the job and tasks involved
  3. Person specification - a profile of the type of person likely to make a good applicant 
  4. Application form - A form that employers ask you to complete so that they can save time and assess only the relevant information that they are looking for from potential applicants
  5. Job advert - A summary of a job opportunity that identifies the key components of a job and the profile of the person the company is looking 
  6. Internal recruitment - takes place when a job vacancy is filled from within the existing workforce
  7. External recruitment - is filling a job vacancy from any suitable person not already employed by the business
  8. Selection process - the process of choosing the right person for a specific job
  9. Assessment centres - Activities set up to assess applicants for a job.  Candidates will have to take place in group activities and interviews and will be assessed against other candidates for a job role
  10. Psychometric testing - personality trait tests that look at how a person thinks and their values and opinions on life, work and people.  These assess a candidates attitude and approach which is important when you are selecting new staff that you need to introduce into a team.
In the news: Take a look at the Tesco careers website here  Terry Leahy joined Tesco as a trainee Manager in 1979.  His family were immigrants from Ireland where he lived on a council estate.

Paper 1 Revision
Testing your own knowledge. So you think your a 'Recruitment expert' Paper 1 expert why not test yourself here to see how much you can remember:

Recruitment worksheet click here
Types of employment worksheet click here
Training worksheet click here
Why treat staff fairly click here

  • The internet is becoming an increasingly important way for large businesses to attract job applicants
  • Recruiting staff is expensive in terms of both money and managers' time
  • Businesses use application forms, interviews, job descriptions and people specifications as well as different tests to help them determine the best person to fill a vacancy
  • The way an employee is recruited will often depend upon the type of vacancy being filled - director, manager, supervisor, worker etc. Different tests, trial shifts or assessment centres can be used accordingly.

Did you know... that four out of five Tesco employees shopped at the supermarket chain before getting a job there.

Group activity  Discuss whether advertising vacancies on the internet is the best way of attracting applicants for a job! 

Discussion Discuss how useful formal interviews are in determining who is the best person for the job.  Are there better ways that could be used 

Web-based activity Compare the recruitment process used by Tesco with the other major supermarkets.  Produce a list of similarities and differences.

Typical exam questions on recruiting staff
  1. What is a head office?
  2. How does Tesco advertise for its staff?
  3. What job does a Tesco picker do?
  4. What is a job description?
  5. What is a probationary period?
  6. What does a recruitment agency do?
  7. What is a people specification contain on it?
  8. Give two items of information that might be asked for on an application form
  9. Explain why a firm might be worries about a high labour turnover
  10. Explain why an applicants date of birth is not usually included on an application form.
  11. Give two advantages of recruiting managers internally
Recruitment worksheet click here

Nine mark question

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