Tuesday 21 January 2014

P2 Explain the process of distributing goods through different channels from the manufacturer to the consumer

Good morning Year 13

For P2 I would start by looking at company literature, websites and organisational logistics information to identify and understand the different distribution methods used by the different types of retailers.

You could even interview retailers to gather information and as you picked this unit because you worked in this sector that would be a great initiative to take.

For P1 I suggest that you create a report or an initial training induction document for a new candidate starting out in the distribution business.  You need to describe the distribution process through different channels from the manufacturer  through to the customer for the following business types that you studies in P1

  • An independent retailer
  • A multiple retailer
  • An e-retailer
P2 links to M2 where you will compare the methods used by each type of business. So why not do both at the same time and in the same training document.  Feel free to illustrate your work with diagrammatic drawings and examples

Deadline for P2 29th January 2014

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