Friday 17 January 2014

4.1 (21) Recruitment and selection of staff

10/10 key term test - Selection and recruitment

  1. Recruitment - attracting people to apply for a job vacancy
  2. Job description - a detailed statement of the nature of the job and tasks involved
  3. Person specification - a profile of the type of person likely to make a good applicant 
  4. Application form - A form that employers ask you to complete so that they can save time and assess only the relevant information that they are looking for from potential applicants.  If these are not completed than candidates often send a CV.
  5. Job advert - A summary of a job opportunity that identifies the key components of a job and the profile of the person the company is looking 
  6. Internal recruitment - appointing an existing employee of the business to fill a vacancy
  7. External recruitment - appointing an employee from another business to fill a vacancy
  8. Part time, full time and casual jobs - Part time jobs involve working for part of a week e.g. 18hrs.  Full time jobs are often working for 37 hours a week or more.  Casual jobs are often zero hour contracts.
  9. Shortlisting - choosing up to six candidates from all those who applied by measuring their skills,experience and profile against the requirements of the job
  10. Selection process - the process of choosing the right person for a specific job.
This weeks lesson objective :
  • Understand the need for small businesses to recruit workers
  • Understand different recruitment methods
As a business grows it needs more staff but only ones who will be effective, work hard, have the relevant skills and experience and are likely to improve efficiency and productivity.  Finding new staff is not an easy process and it is the process that you need to be aware of for the Paper 2 and more importantly how effective the business can be in recruiting the right people

  By the end of today's lessons you will know:
  • the seven steps of an employee recruitment process
  • the key documents which will allow you to select the right candidates
  • how to recognise the key elements of a job advert  
Pre-lesson starter activitES

Click here 

Recruitment at Twitter

Visual learners
Click the link here and watch part ONE of the 'Seven stages of recruitment' video here
Click the link here and watch part TWO of the recruitment process video here
Record the Seven stages of recruitment in a flow chart diagram

For those that prefer to read
Read the recruitment notes provided here? and answer the questions at the end of the pack

Using the job adverts provided here or find some on line carry out the following activity in pairs

  • Select two job adverts, identify the main component parts by annotating on the job adverts and suggest which is the better advert and say why.  
You now have a choice or activities to do you can:
  • Create a CV by clicking here and attach it to a covering letter and apply for your favorite job from the activity above suggesting why you think you are the most suitable candidate or if you don't like that use the powerpoint slide and template at the following link here.
  • Carry out this Arcadia Worksheet activity and answer the questions about the case study by clicking here Either way you need to email me something to show me what you decided to do.
  • For those that choose the CV I will interview you for the position next lesson so you might like to prepare for it using the powerpoint slides here
Extension Activity

  • For those that have finished their work above yo might like to complete the brain of business worksheet attached here
  • Recruitment worksheet click here
  • Types of employment worksheet click here

Complete the note-taker pack and topic test here

Preparation for next lesson - click here and start thinking about on the job and off the job types of training

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

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