Tuesday 5 November 2013

Unit 2 Working in the IT Industry - 5 more credits towards the 30 credit extended certificate

Good morning Year 12

New term new Unit.  Unit 2 is another compulsory unit and we will be looking at the jobs in the IT industry starting with the skills, personality traits and attributes that you require to do well.

P1 Know the characteristics that are valued by employers in the IT industry.

The characteristics we are talking about can be broken down into three main key areas:

Industry specific skills
  • Industry skills would include: technical knowledge, working procedures, health and safety knowledge
General skills
  • General skills: interpersonal skills, planning skills, organisational skills, time management, team working, numeric skills, creativity, problem solving.
Preferred attitudes and behaviors
  • Preferred attitude: determined, independent, integrity, tolerant, dependable, leadership, confident, self motivated  
You really need to provide evidence of four characteristics  from each section so perhaps start by:
  1. Identifying what each means with a definition
  2. Give examples of each skill required
  3. State why that skill is so important
Context for the assessment

OSA was looking to recruit a new ICT team to install and maintain the new £1m refurbishment of the entire schools site IT

You need to describe the industry specific skills, general skills and preferred attitudes and behaviors that are valued by the IT industry and the OSA senior leadership team when selecting the new candidates and apply this to the IT technicians that were successful in their application of their new role. 

Feel free to discuss this task with the IT team here on site i.e. which skills have they relied on the most.  How would they rank their most important knowledge, skills and characteristics at this stressful time installing the £1m refurbishment at OSA.

Deadline date: Wednesday 13th November 2013

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