Friday 29 November 2013

Marketing Mix Elements and PLACE

10/10 Key Term Test - Marketing Mix - Place

  1. Market place - where all the buyers and sellers come together to trade.  Traditional markets have been replaced by online markets and supermarkets have reduced the number of independent shops
  2. Channel of distribution - This describes how the ownership of a product passes from the producer to the final consumer
  3. Producer / manufacturer - This is the company that makes the goods from the raw materials e.g. Cadbury's supply chocolate bars and Direct Line provide insurance cover.
  4. Wholesaler - These businesses break bulk quantities.  They buy in large quantities from a producer and sell in smaller quantities to a retailer 
  5. Retailer - These are shops that sell direct to customers / consumers
  6. Consumer - These are the end user , or the person buying the product or service.  The buyer may not always be the user and vice versa!
  7. e-commerce - direct marketing - transactions carried out between consumers and businesses entire;y over the internet 
  8. Direct marketing - This occurs when there is a direct link from the producer to the consumer with no intermediaries.  Examples of this include, mail order, telesales, online selling. 
  9. Intermediaries - these are the different levels that are involved in the distribution chain.  Each level will wish to make a profit out of handling the goods
  10. International markets - these are customers overseas and small start up businesses can now trade globally because of e-commerce.  Companies however small can now reach all parts of the global marketplace through the creation of websites and online marketplaces such as Amazon and Ebay.

In the news Ryan Air and Easy Jet c 

Promoting a product how well did Levi Roots do click here

Above and below the line

Small businesses

Did you know? Some p

Group activity


Web based activity

  • The marketing mix is the m 

Quick Quiz 14 Marketing mix elements and promotion
  1. Describe 'above the line' promotion.
  2. Describe 'below the line' promotion.
  3. Name the two parts to promotion
  4. Name three sponsored events
  5. Name the three main factors that make for a suitable promotion
  6. What is meant by 'reach'?
  7. Give one benefit from advertising in a local newspaper.
  8. Why are postcodes important to a small business?
  9. How would a business judge if a promotion had been effective?
  10. What does AIDA stand for?

Nine mark questions

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