Friday 25 October 2013

P5 M1 D1 Unit 1 Communicating in the IT industry

P5 M1 D1

P5 - Produce a blog (we recommend ‘instablogg’, ‘blogger’, ‘wordpress’) explaining how to use video conferencing.
M1 D1 - In your Blog, you should also add a section on how to safely use video conferencing avoiding risks such as giving away personal information, viewing digital content, uploading digital content, respect towards others, data protection regulations, data security eg encryption, firewalls, backups, secure sites.

The Blog (a working URL required) will provide evidence for these criteria.

For all those who still haven't done a fine job on this task here is a copy of an exemplary piece of work that secured P5, M1, D1

Job Done Andrew

Top marks

Mr T

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