Friday 11 January 2013

The main accounting ratios used to analyse the performance of a given company

Good afternoon Level 3 BTEC Business class of 2013 

I am a big believer in the 'flipped lesson', see link here, so before we meet on Wednesday I have included a few resources for you to get up to speed with.

Sadly I will only see you for twenty minutes and so that we both make a great first impression I will be looking at you making OUTSTANDING levels of progress in the short time that we have together so I have created this blog page to support your pre-learning and background reading on the topic.

Feel free to use all or some of the resources, think about the key terms and formulae that you need to know, learn and test what you learn in pairs or collaboratively with other and we will both be impressed when we meet up

Learner led resources.
  • Teach yourself accounting ratios (level 2 starting point and designed to learn in pairs) click here
  • Easy to use guide on accounting ratios.(level three development) click here
  • e-notepack click on the link here
Quick test
You can now test yourself to see if your ready for our lesson using the worksheet below.  In business you would be getting charged £175 an hour for my time so lets see how many of you are ready to make the most of it when we meet.  Click on the worksheet below, carry out the task and bring it with you and you can mark it yourself when I see you on Wednesday.  
  • Ration analysis worksheet click here
These resources will build your confidence and skill so that we can use the lesson to secure that knowledge before you get stuck into your next assignment.

Well that's all for now!. 

All best wishes, enjoy and I look forward to meeting you on the 16th

Mr T 

PS Feel free to make a comment below and suggest a business that you might like to look at on Wednesday. i.e. Ted Baker, Vodafone etc

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