Thursday 20 December 2012

Leaning to learn should not be a wish list

First introduction of a flipped lesson and the launch of your second investigation 

Learning Outcome
By the end of this homework session you should know:
  • the 4 elements of the marketing mix
  • Factors that influence the appropriate marketing mix for a small business on a limited budget
  • about the use of ICT in assisting international marketing. 
Homework - this investigation is due in on Wednesday 10th January 2013.  Use the classroom resources, Mr T's blog and the two lessons this week to prepare for it.  It will be assessed against a real AQA GCSE Business studies success criterai

Introduction to the topic
Building the marketing mix - click here to get yourself ready for the 4P's of marketing

First Question
What do you know about small budget marketing.  Click here to find out

Main Task
  1. Using the raft of resources available to you in M1 you will create a 60 second presentation  (less than 250 words) using the writing frame below to explain the marketing mix for the new canteen catering.  Your article should include:
  • Introduction - what is your product or product range and WHY did you choose this one?
  • How will you PRICE the product?
  • How will you PROMOTE your product?
  • How will you PLACE your product?
Note taking 
You can deliver your presentation in groups next lesson or choose the best one in your group and present that!  This an individual piece of wok but you will collaborate in small teams of consultants.

  • AQA Business Studies core text pg's 43 - 47
  • AQA Hodder pg's 62-90
  • Each other
  • Mr T
Career Prospects
Marketing knowledge - so you fancy a job in marketing - click here

Summary of your challenge
This investigation will start today.  It will also represent the next two homework's of research and the investigation will be written up over the Christmas holidays and assessed for AP3 reports.

This is your first project based learning (deep learning) activity to develop critical thinking and writing, collaboration (and research) and a greater encouragement  to develop communication, blogging, pod-casting and your presentation skills.  You will need to submit a written report but choose how you wish to present it.


Mr T

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