Sunday 4 November 2012

Using the internet to communicate with others

Good morning year 7

Today we are going to look at a new topic - Wikis but before we do can I ask you to look at the picture below and ask yourself the question underneath it

A very clear example of some of the things that happens on the Internet?

The question is:
How long should the stopwatch show in the middle for activity on the internet?

Q. What is a wiki? click here

Q. How else can you share information and get others to make comments online? well you could start by clicking here

Q. Is everything you see on the internet reliable - have you heard the one about the tree Octopus click here or dog island click here or the site where you can by dehydrated water here or the free online pregnancy test website here 

Click on the link here and start creating stuff to share on the following topic.
Q. What would you like from your ICT at school if you were spending the £1m to improve the facilities

Now share what you have written with everyone in the class?

Extension 1. 'You could start blogging too' 
Have you ever thought about setting up your own blog here remember the story of the girl Martha Payne who did set up a blog last year and talked about her school meals every day, well she is now on over 3 million hits and decided that she would like to be a journalist? click here to find out more

Extension 2
Online safety the movie click here for those that have finished today's task
Why is it important that we don't give anything about us away when we are communicating on the internet?

Homework - e Safety
Having watched the video above create an e-safety list of things that you should always do or not do for safe use on the internet or when communicating electronically. This can be a bullet point list of rules of examples explained and illustrated with items from the news.

Mr T

P.s. Answer to the starter: click here

(other great starters can be found here if you get bored...or try out this sight here)

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