Friday 16 November 2012

Saturday Surgery - AQA Business Studies Controlled Assessment

Good morning year 11

Well here it is the penultimate and last chance to finish this simple task - 'bring your research'.
Ask yourself three little questions:
  1. Where are you now? (See the current marked script and the scores on the doors)
  2. Where do you want to be with this work ? (Target grade plus one and done I guess)
  3. How will I get there? ( using the resources attached, being a successful independent learner and taking responsibility to finish this task and get the maximum marks from it)
Resources available to you to support the questions above:
  • Mark sheet and feedback on your script - see secure box in your classroom.
  • Flow diagram to ID what's missing and where you need to focus your effort. 
  • Mr. T's planning booklet (just answer the questions in all five sections = 26 marks & free until 8th December)
  • Mr E's Step-by Step Guide to Controlled Assessments (soon to be on sale at Amazon for £19.99)
Oh and don't forget you still get access to scooby snacks and your favourite teachers (who can normally charge £49 per hour at weekends but you get them for, yes you guessed it free on 17th November and 8th December only.) 

That's all folks.... so make the most of it and you can tick one more thing off your yea 11 things to do list


Mr T

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