Friday 21 September 2012

A word in your ear

Good afternoon year 7 and parents

Well here we go.  Next four lessons are all about introducing you to word processing software.  Who has used WORD software before?

Log onto your network and load WORD and watch the demonstration.  For those that still don.t get it click here

  • Start by setting up a file for all you work - ICT with Mr T - Yr 7 - word - Letter
  • Now save your work so if the PC crashes you have the auto backup
  • Add a header (your name and today's date) and a footer (file name)
  • Now we can start to type text into a document, lets start with the address for Mrs Croft, what do you notice about the spacing?
  • Now lets add the Dear Mrs Croft and the Re: ICT at OSA
  • Now you can add the body of your text - what do you want to tell her
  • Change the font to something that is clear and easy to read
  • Spell check your document - only letters spelt correctly will find themselves to Mrs Croft
  • Save your work in the file that you have created
  • PRINT out a copy for your physical folder

Main task
To demonstrate you skills in using word you are going to write a letter to Mrs Croft, our principal and tell he about your first three weeks at OSA.  How did you feel on day one, how do you feel now.  What has gone well for you and what could have been easier. Ill show you a finished product and we can go through and build it step by step.

Questions and answers
  • why should you save your work at the start of creating a document?
  • what is a footer?
  • what do we mean by the word font?
  • Whats the benefit of having a spell check facility? 
  • why might you want to type up a document?
  • whats the purpose of a header
  • Why does the word software automatically space your work?
  • Why should you file your work electronically

We have a shared learning opportunity with this homework.  Your parents will remember what typewriters are and I guess you will not.  Download the homework here and answer the questions at the bottom of the text.  If you dont have a printer or the internet at home ill give you a printed out copy.

See you next week and well done for working so hard and doing so well

Mr T  

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