Friday 28 September 2012

P3 Develop a spreadsheet model to meet particular needs

Good morning year 12

For P3 you must develop a spreadsheet model to meet one of the following needs:

Scenario 1
You will design a spreadsheet to help a start up business control their income and expenditure as they start to trade.  This is often called a cashflow forecast and will have a closing balance and an opening balance for each trading period or month of the year.  If your employees are paid commission for their sales activity this will be included along with other fixed and variable costs that the business incurs

Scenario 2
You have been asked by you tutor to create a spreadsheet league table to track house points in the class based on weekly collection of scores from a manual count,    

Please Note
The documentation produced should be limited but you will stat by identifying the use needs.  The formulae and functions can be documented using annotated print outs or a record of questions and answers.

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Date set Wednesday 26th September 2012       Due date Wednesday 10th October 2012

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