Thursday 5 July 2012

My presentation of the two days at OSA

Good morning Year 6 ICT

today we are using the hour to make a presentation on your two days at the Academy.

You will design it yourself, agree the content, add photos and screen shots from the Academy website, check it to see if it includes all the assessment criteria and finish by adding a QR code and evaluating your own work.

We hope you enjoy your hour and complete this Seacole challenge.  The best work will be put forward to your head of house in the hope that she can present it in assembly in September.

Your username for today is: login

Your Password is: oxford

The assessment criteria click here

Evaluating your own work click here

A PowerPoint template to allow you to achieve the task in the one hour time allowed click here

The course core text book is also available to help you see pages 13-24

Extension exercise - adding the QR code click here

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

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