Wednesday 2 May 2012

Religious education gives you a competitive edge...

Hi Year 11

Having the competitive edge and an ability to discuss, argue analyse and evaluate on ethical and moral issues the lovely Miss Joynes has collated you some resources to support you over the next two weeks.

I appreciate that you have a lot to do but think of this.  As a currency to compete for places at sixth form and university how many of you would benefit from having more GCSE's not less and especially having them in subjects that allow for your ethical and moral stance to come to the fore.

Here are some useful links that should help.  Revisit this blog page regularly in your free time as I am sure you will watch it grow!
  • loads of mini tests and a mock paper-just select the subject you want to revise-not so good if you want the higher grades but will get you a C click here
  • Extensive notes on all subject you need-good for reading through the night before or to make mind maps from. Click here
  • THIS IS THE BEST REVISION WEBSITE. Has videos, notes and includes all the Bible quotes and examples you will need.Click here
  • If you want to score some bonus marks....Click here 
The following are not necessarily revision materials, but are interesting and cover the issues raised by the subjects studies. Will give you some great stuff to write in your 12 mark (e) questions where you have to provide a number of points of view:
  • Take the citizenship test!
  • Some very interesting documentaries covering a number of subjects click here
  • Do crimes deserve the death penalty? click here
Enjoy and fill your time with this targeted revision and make the most of it as its all free

Miss J & Mr T

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