Tuesday 27 March 2012

Year 10 preparing for Paper 1

Hi year 10

today we will finish off the cash flow topic that we started last week by revising the topic and doing a 20 mark question paper on it.  We can then focus on exam preparation by doing the following:

  • sort out folders full of notes
  • familiarise yourself with the revision timetable
  • think about what works best for you in terms of revision resource that I can post to the revision timetable
  • flash cards
  • copy of the core text book
  • copy of the AQA revision guide
  • eAQA resources by clicking here
All that remains to say is have a great holiday, work hard for the exams that are soon after and then treat yourself with a rest.

Revision timetable click here

Between now and your exam on the 22nd May 2012 you will have to cover the following

  • 24 topics to revise in 11 lessons (5 weeks)
  • 2 mock exams 26th April during P4 and 27th April P5
  • FINAL EXAM for Paper 2 Tuesday 22nd May

Good luck well done and thank you for being such a great class

Mr T

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