Friday 9 March 2012

How effective is my teams performace?

Hi Year 11 BAFTERS

As we embark on the next stage of theory for TEAM work I thought that id share a little video clip to help P5 get off to a smooth and fun start.  Click here to see what you make of it.

Task One
here is a little test to assess your teams performance so far in terms of planning your event.  Click here to seen how good you are as you start to FORM.  Remember the teams that get to PERFORM the quickest usually get the job done best and soonest.  Enter the TEAM name and PRINT. Keep the print out as evidence and date and sign it.  You can repeat this later in the term.

Task Two

Using the link here and the internet prepare a guide for managers instructing them how to build world class teams and submit it by email to me at

good luck and enjoy

Mr T   

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