Monday 12 March 2012

Break even analysis P4 & P5 Unit 3

Good Morning year 9

Well assessment point 4 is to be entered by Friday which means your forth report of the year will soon be going home to parents.  Unit Three should be done by most of you by the end of this term leaving the last two terms to complete unit 2. 

Today we are going to continue with the break even analysis.  Rememeber for those who have little evidence for P1 Identifying costs, P2 different types of revenue and P3 explaining the difference between gross and net profit you have a worksheet to complete and submit.

Fot those who are bang up to date you have the following resources for today:
This presentation from businessstudiesonline might prove helpful. Click here to see if it is.

For P4 & P5 you will need to calculate FOUR sets of break even point data and FOUR break even point graphs.

The fist TWO are based on the original costs and use TWO lots of selling prices £5 and £6

The second TWO are based on new costs and selling prices of £6.50 and £8.

The worksheet is for support only if you feel more comfortable setting up a spreadsheet for your calculations feel free to do so.

Good luck and work hard

Mr T

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