Friday 16 March 2012

Dear Year 11 BAFTERS

Click here to see where the marks can be had for this final unit 5 !

For your controlled assessment you will need to:

Know the health and safety requirements relevant to the business environment.
  • describe procedures for identifying and reporting potential hazards and risks in a business environment. Buy the end of today you should ALL have a health and safety checklist
  • Identify relevant health and safety legislation.  By the end of today you should have a list of the main Health & Safety Acts that a business must adhere to.
  • outline safety procedures for dealing with emergencies.  By the end of today you should have a documented emergency evacuation plan for your own school
  • By the end of today you should have completed a health and safety RISK ASSESSMENT based on your event
Sounds simple enough but have you got enough material in your folder to create this in a 1 hour controlled assessment session?

Mr T

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