Thursday 9 February 2012

What methods of production operate in manufacturigg and the service sector

Learning Outcome
  1. By the end of this session you should know what is meant by: Methods of Production that a business can use (Paper 1)
  2. How production can be carried out effectivly (Paper 1)
  3. The quality issues involved in production (Paper 1)
Key Terms
  • Job Production
  • Batch Production
  • Flow Production
  • Efficient Production
  • Quality

First Task
Decide how you will underpin your knowledge for today's lesson - by doing so you are building your learning power.  You may choose to use a traditional text book as there is nothing wrong with that if your an auditory learner.  You might like to use the e-resources if your a visual learner or you might like to get a team of people together and collaborate your preparation and planning to create your best 9 mark article in the big task below if your a kinesthetic learner

Resources available 24/7
  • DoingBusinesswithMrT 
  • AQA Business Studies core text pg's 109 - 115 for Paper 1 theory the e-resources that you have now started using online by clicking the link below:
  • why not try clicking on the link above and do the activities related to the e-book based on running a business from home - pg 73-75 for Paper 1 theory - BBC iplayer
  • the Fire Fly example in Chapter 7 pg 32-35 provides Paper 2 theory
Second task - Paper 1 Revision
Testing your own knowledge. So you think your a 'Production Methods' Paper 1 expert why not test yourself here to see worksheet followed by the 'Productivity' worksheet Paper 1

    Identify a business of your choice and in less than 250 words:
    • explain the appropriate method of production for this type of business
    • suggest how this business could become more efficient by using technology to control costs.
    • suggest why quality is an important consideration in the production process. 

    Good luck and Enjoy
    Happy Thursday !
    Mr T

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