Friday 10 February 2012

Good morning Year 9

Hot news Biz Quiz - keep up to date with whats going on in the news and apply it to your work where possible.

Main task
  • Download the unit overview by clicking here and create a new folder in your business director under Mr Thompson.  
  • You will see that this unit is quite clearly designed so that you can quickly link up the 'P' tasks and earn a higher mark by doing so.  Look for the pathways that go from PASS to MERIT to DISTINCTION and do the tasks accordingly.  
  • This unit will need to be completed by EASTER
P1 If your still struggling with the concepts of fixed, variable and total costs click here
P2 If your still having problem with the concept of revenue click here
P3 If your still having problems with Gross & Nett Profit and the difference click here

    Unless you have any questions start P1 by clicking here for the assignment only and the outline plan of delivery can be seen here for anyone interested! Oh I've also attached a reading list for those that think tat they might like to make a career out of finance and accountancy here 

    To help with P1 you might like to do this activity here
    To help with P2 you might like to do this activity here

    To help with M1 I have added a stretch and challenge activity click here

    Good luck, enjoy and remember your target grade and exceed it !

    Mr T

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