Thursday 5 January 2012

Recruiting the best people and keeping them

Learning Outcome
  1. By the end of this session you should know why businesses recruit people
  2. How businesses recruit employees
  3. How businesses decide on the level of wage and salary
  4. Understand the monetary and non monetary benefits given to employees
First Task
Decide how you will underpin your knowledge for today's lesson - by doing so you are building your learning power.  You may choose to use a traditional text book as there is nothing wrong with that if your an auditory learner.  You might like to use the e-resources if your a visual learner or you might like to get a team of people together and collaborate your preparation and planning to create your best 9 mark article in the big task below if your a kinesthetic learner

Resources available 24/7
  • DoingBusinesswithMrT 
  • AQA Business Studies core text pg's 81 - 89 for Paper 1 theory
  • and don't forget that you have e-resources if you find these easier to understand at the link below:
Second task - Paper 1 Revision
Testing your own knowledge. So you think your a 'Recruitment expert' Paper 1 expert why not test yourself here to see how much you can remember:

Recruitment worksheet click here
Types of employment worksheet click here
Training worksheet click here
Why treat staff fairly click here

Homework - Revise like mad...

Using the e-resources and the core text book revise for the 
  • REAL Paper 1 RESIT 10th January 1012
Try the key term tests that I posted over the holiday if you have not done so already.  Key terms allow you to write less words in an exam and as time is short that's a good thing!
You might start to identify what you don't know based on your summer exam result and your current performance.  Ill create you a checklist by tomorrow! When do I get the letters of consent back for your revision night in Friday 3.30pm to 7.30pm and Monday 3.30pm to 7.30pm ?

Good luck and Enjoy
Happy New year, welcome back and make me proud !
Mr T

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