Friday 6 January 2012

Practical Worksheet Answers...

Hi Year 11
as promised the answers to the worksheets in the first chapter of the revision pack.  Use them to develop your confidence and thinking skills and you will benefit from these in the exam.

You can also use your face book group to revise the KEY TERMS using the templates in the blog.  As Conner said learning should be fun and everyone should win.

Practical worksheet answers for Chapter one in the revision pack !

31. Enterprise - What is it?
81. Risk and uncertainty
32. Enterprise qualities
33. Enterprise skills
77. Questions asked by Entrepreneurs
51. Invention and innovation
85. Sources of business ideas
47. Identifying a business opportunity
84. Sole traders and private companies
1.   Advice for small businesses
2.   Aims and objectives
92. Start-up objectives
6.   Business objectives: financial
7.   Business objectives: non financial
8.   Business plan
10. Calculated risk
93. Start up success
89. Start-up failure 
90. Start up legal and tax
91. Start up location
88. Stakeholders
43. Franchising
44. Gaps in the Market
45. Goods and services
56. Limited and Unlimited liability
61. Mistakes: Good and Bad
46. ICT in Business
48. Impact of government and EU


Mr T

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