Friday 13 January 2012

Controlled Assessment and filling the gaps...

Good morning year 11 BAFters

The meaning and features of money and securing your key job role
  • It would appear that the guidance booklets that you have created have a common weakness and that being your need to explain the features of income and taxation on your chosen areas of employment.  Some have done this better than others so today whilst the interviews are taking place those that need to can improve your submission. The following resources will help with this:
  1. Directgov
  2. Bank of England 'Money Matters' Pounds and Pence is full of tax and national insurance advice and guidance and can be found by clicking here  Again we have looked at this before
  • Can you also ensure that your guidance booklet includes a short briefing document explaining the skills, personal attributes and knowledge required to secure and retain your own chosen employment.
  • Finally and a weakness in all your scripts can we revisit the key aspects of personal financial planning and include in our submissions the following:
  1. Sources of financial advice.  Why not try the Personal Finance Education Group or DOUGHUK
  2. the costs of such advice
  3. the benefits and risks associated with financial services
  4. the main types of financial services and exchange rates for overseas travel
You might wish to use 'comparison websites' and magazine style 'best buy' or Which Magazine approaches to compare products as the assignment asks you to research the main types of financial services required for your future careers and produce an appropriate MIX of financial services. We have looked at this in a previous blog page. Click here if you can't remember

This should see us through to a successful conclusion.

Good luck and well done

Mr T

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