Wednesday 7 December 2011

Production methods for manufacturing and providing a service

Learning Outcome
  1. By the end of this session you should know what is meant by: Methods of Production that a business can use (Paper 1)
  2. How production can be carried out effectivly (Paper 1)
  3. The quality issues involved in production (Paper 1)
  4. The advantages and disadvantages of flow production techniques (Paper 2)
  5. The meaning of efficiency (Paper 2)
  6. Lean production techniques (Paper 2)
First Task
Decide how you will underpin your knowledge for today's lesson - by doing so you are building your learning power.  You may choose to use a traditional text book as there is nothing wrong with that if your an auditory learner.  You might like to use the e-resources if your a visual learner or you might like to get a team of people together and collaborate your preparation and planning to create your best 9 mark article in the big task below if your a kinesthetic learner

Resources available 24/7
  • DoingBusinesswithMrT 
  • AQA Business Studies core text pg's 109 - 115 for Paper 1 theory
  • and pages 224-229 for Paper 2 theoryor the e-resources that you have now started using online by clicking the link below:
  • why not try clicking on the link above and do the activities related to the e-book based on running a business from home - pg 73-75 for Paper 1 theory - BBC iplayer
  • the Fire Fly example in Chapter 7 pg 32-35 provides Paper 2 theory
Second task - Paper 1 Revision
Testing your own knowledge. So you think your a 'Production Methods' Paper 1 expert why not test yourself here to see worksheet followed by the 'Productivity' worksheet Paper 1

Third task.  Paper 2 development of knowledge
You might by now think that you are a paper two expert so why not see what yo know and identify what you don't know by:

Preparing for Paper 2
Lean Production - click here

    Homework - Revise like mad...

    Using the e-resources and the core text book revise for the TWO paper one exams you will have next week.  Mock exam preparation.  I have booked you in for TWO paper one Mocks one will be on:
    • P5 Wednesday 7th December 2011 - 1 hour
    • P3 Thursday 8th December 2011 - 1 hour - sadly our lesson
    • REAL Paper 1 RESIT 10th January 1012
    You might start to identify what you don't know based on your summer exam result and your current performance !

    Good luck and Enjoy
    Happy Wednesday and make me proud !
    Mr T

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