Monday 17 October 2011

The classification of the business sectors in the economy (Unit 1 P3)

Good morning year 9
I hope that you had a great weekend and are ready to impress.  Today you have the opportunity to complete P3 of the current unit - deadline was Wednesday 12th October so no one in the class is in a position to waste any time and you will be asked to work elsewhere (as per the sixth form exclusion rota) if you think that you have.

Learning Outcome:
Understand the CLASSIFICATION of businesses

In a SEPERATE article but within the same magazine EXPLAIN how businesses are CLASSIFIED INCLUDE a definition of each SECTOR and use local and national examples, facts and figures and articles in the news (P3)


Year 12 TA's that have achieved great success on this exact same course:
  • Mr T's PowerPoint presentation on the unit todate - great for P1 & P2
  • Business studiesonline -  great for notes and theory on the topics we cover - why not try the theory notes, videos and activities available under BTEC First
  • Core text books - ask Mr T about the BTEC & GCSE books available
  • Articles in the news today which provide great examples of TWO of the THREE types of business sectors; Check out BMW Mini, REMPLOY, TG4S and ISS what sector can these news articles be used for ?
  • Writing template for P3


Complete at least ONE sector PRIMARY, SECONDARY or TERTIARY article page for this assignment and submit before 4pm on Wednesday 19th October 2011.  The other TWO can be done for HALF TERM homework

Extension exercise: GCSE exam question see if you can find it in the photo section of my blog.  If you can download it and answer the question and show me how good you really are !

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