Tuesday 18 October 2011

Development planning for a career in Business - Asssessing the skills gap

Good morning year 13

Oxford University Careers Service are holding their second week of their Careers Fair.
Tuesday 18th October - is all about PA, Advertising and Marketing
Wednesday 19th October is Management Consultancy
Thur & Friday are all about careers in fiance

see the link here and download a pack of employers, you might just catch a big fish 

Thought you might like to fill your boots with this BBC 3 'Up For Hire' series

For those who have fired through:
P1 (Sourcing career related information)&
P2 (Career Development Plans) I guess that you are looking for activities to nail your
P3 Training Skills Analysis

Here are a few resources to keep you busy over half term so that you can email me some goodies.  When identifying skills gaps the best thing to start with is a SKILLS AUDIT.  Then you might get your tutor to carry out an APPRAISAL and include an AP1 REVIEW.  Then carry out a PLTS AUDIT as per my PLTS blog page.

Submit all this and put a TRAINING PLAN on the top with your front page and that will be P3 in the bag.

All best wishes for a very well earnt rest, be safe and be happy.

Mr T

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