Thursday 5 September 2013

Unit 1 The Enterprise Mindset

Good Morning year 12

The course set units in six terms and a successful business start up to be proud of!

Meet last years winning Young Enterprise Team Managing Director, their product and their promotional online video click here

Enterprise what is it ? click here and get thinking

Enterprise qualities - What are they ? click here and test yourself

Enterprise skills - What do they look like? click here and see if you know

Before we can understand the mindset required to be an entrepreneuer we need to think about our own mindset but first lets consider the mindset of a man whos built one of the biggest brands in the world - Richard Branson. Click here to see the assignment brief and specification for this unit.

For starters and in PAIRS I want you to log on to the internet and identify what:

'The 7 Habits of a Highly Effective Person' The author wrote this book over 30 years ago and its still used today to develop teenagers and business people alike.

Your next task is to individually appraise yourself as a potential worker in your Peter Jone's style start up team so when your finished on the above ask me to email you a copy of your self assessment appraisal.  Carry this out by assessing yourself on the personality traits in discusses and don't forget to add your justification as well as rank yourself with a score.

Your first assessment  (P1) will require you to make a short power-point presentation about two successful entrepreneurs and the skills, qualities and mindsets that they have to become successful.  This web-page describes their skill set rather well so click here and take a look!

The Peter Jones Mindset click here alternatively you might wish to view the interview with Duncan Goose click here Five years ago he was unknown and now he is perceived as the greatest Social Entrepreneur on the planet ! Not bad eh ?

Assignment for Unit 1 - Entrepreneurial Mindset - click here

If you cant think of a suitable candidate you might like to consider the guy who set up:

  • Complete the three question worksheets at the top of this page and then start to
  • Identify at least TWO different entrepreneurs, that inspire and interest you and start to think about what skills and qualities they have which has made them successful.  I have attached a link here to see what the dragons are looking for as contestants enter the Den!.
Still not got it click here  Still not got it this is your last chance here

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T

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