Thursday 5 September 2013

Introduction to Marketing

Good Mornng year 12

I have posted the assignment here so that you can see what will be expected as we go through this unit.  Although you do not have all the theory notes to complete the report for P1 you are in a great position to start plannng this report in its outline form. The link here will give you the full spec for the unit

As we are now agreed that one of the businesses that we will study is Global Ethics who have the trade mrk One and their largest branded product One Water.  If you dont know anything about this company you can quickly research them at their website 

The Duncan Goose video clip is a great introduction to what this chap has achieved as a marketeer, his business background, his values and vision for the future (or at least the next 5 years.

The link below will also give you a greater insight click here 

Task - identify a definition of marketing that you are happy with and present it to the class and justify why you have chosen that !

Happy researching and have your questions ready for next time we meet. !

Good luck and enjoy

Mr T 

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