Thursday 15 September 2011

Test your current affairs & business knowledge and watch your passion for the subject grow

Calling all OSA business, economic & enterprise students and anyone else that knows me,

Why not test your general business knowledge using this weekly fun tutor2u Biz Quiz and bring what you learn into your business lessons, add an additional dimension to your learning and impress your friends and teachers for free.

Its easy to do just click on the link below and see if you can get in to the habit of doing it on a weekly basis and that just might get you obsessive about watching the news or reading a newspaper every day.

Go on you cant' be that busy and I am sure most of you could pull it down on your smart phones and make a note of your score in your planner.  It wont take long before your 10/10.

Hot News Biz Quiz for

logoscrabble to add a little fun to your day whilst the quiz arrives - why not use it for your front page title !

It's back its back....

week ending 20th April 2012 click here or alternatively click here for an update in a
three minute round up of Sky News 3 news
Easter Quiz click here

week ending 20th January 2012 click here
week ending 13th January 2012 click here
Mad News treat yourself to Christmas some fun and laughter with this link.
week ending 2nd December 2011
week ending 27th November 2011
week ending 18th November 2011
week ending 11th November 2011
week ending 6th October 2011
week ending 29th Sept 2011
week ending 22nd Spet 2011
week ending 15th Sept 2011
week ending 6th Sept 2011

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