Thursday 15 September 2011

The local demographics - controlled assessment secondry research

Good Morning year 11

todays lesson is all about demographics and you will then have an opportunity to find out what the profile of Oxford is and answer some of the important questions on page 6 of the Research Diary that I have emailed you. The link before may be something that you have used but is all the information together in one place
Click on the link below and open the PDF Oxford Profile 2010 and save it to your user area:

Now answer as many of the questions on page six of the Research Diary.  If you need other websites for your secondry research ill get you some.

This controlled assessment can take your D to a B so dont wast this opportunity to springboard yourself to a better grade and dont kid yourself that you cant benefit from this as I have seen your paper 1 results and we will only pay for you to have a resit if this piece of work is done and dusted by the end of term and to a level you are proud of.

Keep looking at the blog over the weekend as I intend to post some examples of what a great controlled assesment looks like for us to discuss next lesson.

Good luck and well done

Mr T

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