Wednesday 28 September 2011

Setting out my career development plan P2

Hi year 13

as promised here is the link to a sample career development plan that you can use for P2 of the current unit.

You will see that this plan looks at the short (12 month) medium (3 year) and long term (5 years) stages of your career and should be reviewed every year accordingly.

As a working document you can use it in conjunction with your performance reviews and appraisals in the workplace but also during one to one mentoring sessions with your form tutor and careers advisor after every assessment point in year 13. 

Every time you identify a training need you can incorperate this into your career develoment plan which will evolve accordingly.  Employers will love to see that you are monitoring and tracking your persone development when you discuss on your application form and Universities will be impressed when you mention this at interview.  Once started keep it up todate as it will drive your activities in the direction that you want to go.  Rememeber its as simple as:
  • Where are you now ?
  • Where do you want to be ?
  • How will you get the there ? 
Anyway thats P1 & P2 in progress for the current unit so well done and lets keep up the momentum.

Mr T

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