Thursday 29 September 2011

Assessing the skills required when setting up a new business

Good morning year 12

Now that we have decided on our teams and have initially recruited people for the key role you will need to assertain if any of your key people have any training needs.

Assessing the skills required for a start up business does not have to be difficult so I have created an appraisal check list for you to rank your top 10 personality traints.

Complete the self appraisal using the 1-5 scale provided and then get someone who knows you well to do similar for you.

For those who really need to know their strengths and weaknesses use this skills audit document

This should give you a percentage of efficiency / effectiveness which you can keep in your folder.  It will also allow you to identify your training needs as you start the journey of an entrepreneur.

Homewwork due in today:
My vision, values and beliefs, a mission, strapline, aim and objective to propose for our company.

Homework for next week Wednesday 5th October
Research two entreprenuers that you admire saying what they did and how they did it and what it was about their skill set that has made them successsfull

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