Wednesday 21 September 2011

The classification of business activities

Good Afternoon Year 10

Today's lesson will test your independent enquiry skills by asking you to create a PowerPoint to explain the classification of business activites.

To support this I have attached two presentation for you to look at.  Firstly click here and then here and click on unit 1section 2 business activity and changes in business activity. Dont forget we also have books that you can use best one for this task will be the BTEC Business L2 on the side

  1. Create three PowerPoint slides one for each of the three business activities of the economy, Primary, Secondary & Tertiary
  2. Within each slide add a definition about what each sector does.
  3. On each slide add the name and logo of a local and national business example that operates in this sector. State the purpose of each business i.e operates at cost, below cost, for a profit etc.
  4. Finally add some staggering facts of figures relating to the sector you have represented by the businesses that you have chosen.  Research the internet for this information or use the core text.

Complete the 'wants & needs' worksheet and find out the information requested about the local business community emailed to you by Mr Thompson by our next lesson on Tuesday 26th September 2011.

Have a great weekend

Mr T

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