Wednesday 21 September 2011

Re-designing my research questionnaires for my controlled assessment

Good morning year 11

Well based on the marking exercise that you did yesterday its clear that the big points come from the big research.  Once you've decided on the problem that you are investigating i.e. customer service, marketing, finance etc you will need to gather evidence to support the options tha you generate to put the business back on track. Only then can youput your reccommendations forward for improving the business.

As you know I will not be in the lesson tommorrow so I will email you a help pack first thing in the morning.  The pack will give you some ideas as to how to create a questionnaire but it will also show you how to do one in google docs.  The advantage of creating a questionnaire in Google Docs is that it will allow you to email the link for people to pick up electronically and the information that they include will be collated in the form of graphs and tables for you to use.

By now you should have a collection of research from both Mr Coakley and I so why not start puting it in order in an appendix type layout that you can walk into the controlled assessment with e.g.

Appendix A location map of premises
Appendix B Demographics or facts and figures of local population
Appendix C Questionnaire design and feedback
Appendix D Interview notes with owner
Appendix E Suggested places to advertise premises

I can check this next week.  Remeber there are not many weeks to go and the last two weeks will be for writing it up only.  

Good luck

Mr T 

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