Wednesday 21 September 2011

Having vision and a capacity to inspire...

Good afternoon year 12

Following on with our theme of identifying the entrepreneurial mindset today we are going to focus on how companies inspire individuals within their orgsanisations to focus on achieving their core purpose.


  1. Choose TWO companies that inspire you!
  2. Using the internet research the list below for each company.
  3. Create a PowerPoint presentation for each and identify their:
  • Vision
  • Values & Beliefs
  • Mission statement
  • Strapline and
Summarise what you find out on your powerpoint slide.  Once you can recognise these in other companies you are now in a position to start to create an image for your company. 


Now create YOUR vision, values, mission statement and strapline for your businesses.  The best entries will be used in the marketing and branding of your company.  You need to press the turbo buton on inspirational writing and think about how you are going to present this to your business mentor when they come in next week.

Your company IMAGE will be based heavily around the company product and your vision, values and beliefs should help you to create a very positive mission statement and strapline that will inspire customers to buy your products.

Below are a few video clips that might help and inspire you:

The difference between vision statments and mission statements

What do you think was the focus of M&S vision when they produced this corporate update

Can you identify the vision that drove this company to its phenomanal success.

Good luck, well done and see you next week and make sure that your caught up by then !

Mr T

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